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How You Can Help End the Injustice Today

Dear [Recipient's Name]:

The whole world is watching. Cops solve 2% of major crimes, and kill 3 people a day. Black people are 600% more likely to be killed by police, and 1 in 3 Black boys born today will wind up incarcerated. Take a look and you’ll find the stats for other people of color, and the poor, aren’t much better.

I am your constituent, and I am tired of seeing families and communities destroyed. Reforms don’t work. We’re demanding meaningful, substantive change.

The choice to invest in punitive systems instead of stabilizing and nourishing ones does not make our communities safer. Study after study shows that a living wage, holistic health services and treatment, educational opportunity and stable housing are more successful in reducing crime than more police or prisons.

You may think the call to defund the police is too radical, but it’s not — it’s the only solution.

I urge you to review the Ten Demands for Justice at

We aren’t pushing to fire every cop and close every prison today. The Demands lay the groundwork for a measured approach that will help us build a more humanist society that no longer requires police and prisons as we’ve come to know them.

Some steps will and should take time; others can and should happen today.

If you want my continued support, you need to demonstrate your commitment to us, by acting on these immediate-term measures now.

Want to be a hero? Champion the Ten Demands for a brighter future for us all.

Before it’s too late.


[Your Name]