In late May 2020, a multi-racial, multi-cultural coalition of activists formed organically in an attempt to consolidate and re-focus disparate demands from Black American and abolitionist organizations and leaders. The team worked for weeks, researching legal and legislative documents and speaking with individuals from the abolitionist and formerly incarcerated communities, creating, editing and recreating the list of demands.

After more than a month of collaboration, TEN DEMANDS released Ten Demands for Justice on Thursday, June 25. The members of TEN DEMANDS agreed not to establish a formal nonprofit so as not to contribute to the nonprofit industrial complex, but rather to use this page to demonstrate transparency of any/all funding.

The team members of TEN DEMANDS have contributed their own funds to website hosting and all design, organizing and outreach activities.

TEN DEMANDS received a one-time donation, from someone who wished to remain anonymous, for the printing of flyers to protesters, as well as to pay a nominal fee for the design of this website. One third of these funds remain in our account.

TEN DEMANDS members have donated thousands of hours researching, creating Ten Demands for Justice, developing a framework for an abolitionist society, performing outreach to grassroots activists and political leaders, and developing the "TEN DEMANDS" song and video. This work continues daily, with updates posted to @TENDEMANDS.

At one point during the 2020 protests, TEN DEMANDS hosted a GoFundMe to continue its work disseminating flyers; however, the organization did not claim those funds, and all donations were returned to the donors.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the "TEN DEMANDS" song were donated to Black Lives Matter and The Movement for Black Lives (see screenshots below); when additional detail about the national BLM organization came to light, the decision was made to donate any and all future proceeds exclusively to The Movement for Black Lives. The only funds not donated were/are the nominal amounts taken by Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc., as part of their distribution agreements.

Everything TEN DEMANDS creates is solely for the purpose of racial, social and criminal justice.

No one at TEN DEMANDS has taken any money for any of these efforts.

Below are receipts documenting contributions and expenditures.

We firmly support transparency and accountability, and appreciate all the support.

One-Time Donation

One-Time Payment for Flyer Printing

One-Time Payment for Web Design

"TEN DEMANDS" Song Sales

Donations The Movement for Black Lives

If you have any questions, please contact us.